Williamsburg Attorney Handling Bankruptcy Matters

Recent economic downturns have shown that financial crises can affect people from all walks of life. If you find that you are overwhelmed by debt or are facing the threat of foreclosure, you should know that there are options for achieving debt relief. At the Adam T. Howard Law Office, our Williamsburg bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine the best path to getting a fresh financial start.

Figuring Out The Right Option For You

There are two main types of personal bankruptcy available to individuals. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy effectively discharges most of your outstanding debt. However, wiping the slate clean does come with a cost, and it may not be possible to hold onto your home and other assets that are nonexempt.

A Chapter 13 filing allows you to establish an affordable repayment plan for a three to five year period. At the end of this repayment period, most debt is discharged. This option does not involve liquidating your assets, which means you may be able to keep your home, car and other property. This option is best for people who earn a regular income and for those who otherwise do not qualify for Chapter 7 protection.

Contact A Kentucky Attorney For Help Declaring Bankruptcy

Everyone’s situation is different, which is why it is important to seek qualified legal advice before moving forward. If bankruptcy is not right for your case, we can explore other options that can help get you the financial relief you need. Call 606-266-0467 or send us an email today.

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